Laracon Slides and Video

Posted on March 8, 2013 • Tags: conferences, laravel, presentations

If you couldn't make it to Laracon 2013, then you missed out on a good time... sorry, but it's true. All of the talks were fantastic, and covered a wide range of topics related to Laravel 4 and just Web development in general. It was also a blast to hang out with such a happy and thriving community. Everyone in attendance was excited to talk about projects they had built with Laravel, what they were hoping to see in Laravel 4, and ideas for projects that they would like to build on the framework. Lots of inspiration and joyfulness all around!

Aside from that little intro, I wanted to just post the links to the resources for my presentation, Simple API Development With Laravel. Chris Borgia did an amazing job on the videos, and it was so cool to see the community fund his little endeavor to film the conference so quickly!

Anyways, here's the info for my presentation. Also, make sure to watch all of the fantastic presentation videos on YouTube and hopefully I'll see you at next year's conference!





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